Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sally Bend, Author and Reviewer of TG erotica

Kella Z. Driel has interviewed Sally Bend, author and reviewer of transgender erotica.
Bend writes in Frock, a magazine for
crossdressers, drag queens and trans women.

She’s the assistant editor of Frock Magazine, a crossgender lifestyle magazine where she reviews transgender literature. Her reviews of erotica can also be found in Transformation magazine. 

You can read the whole interview over at Driel's blog.

Here is a short extract:

Kella asks: "Within the transgender genre, there are many niches, ranging from the realistic to the fantastic, with for example magical genderswap stories being one extreme. Which niches do you prefer? Are there any you avoid? Are there some you wish got more attention and others less?"

Sally answers: "In all honesty, it depends on my mood. Sometimes I want the magic of an instantaneous, effortless, perfect transformation. I want that dream of just waking up a woman, with no effort or struggle involved. Then again, sometimes I want a realistic story that pays close attention to the details of dressing, doing makeup, and learning to walk in heels.  There are days where the destination is all that matters, and days where I want to enjoy the journey.

I love that futa stories seem to be getting more attention, although it really annoys me when authors jump on the bandwagon and mislabel their characters. I’ve had to call it out in a few reviews – if she doesn’t have a hole AND a pole, then she’s not futa!

The one niche I tend to avoid is sadomasochist erotica, where the forced feminization is solely for the sake of cruelty and humiliation. A little reluctance and coercion can be erotic, so long as the sissy or cuckold learns to enjoy it, but I simply can’t relate to a character that is made to suffer through something that should be so pleasurable."

Sally Bend's facebook page.


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