Saturday, April 4, 2015

TG News Award Nominee: VIP Captions

In February we asked you to nominate TG blogs for the TG News Award. We will now present the nominees in a series of blog posts.

VIP Captions writes that 2014 was "great in terms of variety, there's quite a hole lotta shit going on here: Preggos, Bimbos, Swaps, AP/AR, Milky Cows, Forced, BDSM, Mind loss, Interracial, Racial change, Forgot language, Milf's..."

Yes, that sentence alone will give you an idea about the diversity of this TG blog. And there is humor, too!

VipCaptions often make use of a simple trick to make the caps look professional: She includes a copy of the main image behind the text, using transparency to make the text readable.

But there is more to the blog than captions. Do download her computer generated comics, some of which contain long, complex and sexy stories of male to female transformations.

VIP Captions is one of the oldest caption blogs on the Web. 2008 was definitely the year that made TG captioning an established art form.

If you can think of more blogs that should be included, add a comment here!

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