Sunday, December 4, 2016

New upcoming male to female gender transformation comedy

Amazon is to present a new movie about a sexist man being taught a lesson by witch by being transformed into a sexy woman.

This sounds like Sam all over again, the classical TG fiction theme now used in a romantic comedy.

I have written more about the movie over at Crossdream Life, where you will also find the trailer.


  1. As a crossdreamer, I approve. As a witch, I have mixed feelings.

  2. Interesting. Production value looks a little better than Sam.

  3. 'Your Name' is an interesting Japanese take that came out recently, also known as 'Kimi no na wa', '君の名は'. It's fun, and sad, an off-beat romance. Not involving the punishing of a Sexist man.

  4. where can you find this movie?