Friday, November 13, 2020

New MTF body swap horror movie with Vince Vaughn: "Freaky"

Freaky is a new gender bending body swap movie where Vince Vaughn, playing a psychotic mass murderer, swaps bodies with a high school girl played by Kathryn Newton.

The reviews are mixed, but many seem to find this horror slasher comedy worth watching. I have not seen it yet.

The name Freaky is clearly a reference to the more innocent body swap movie called Freaky Friday. The Atlantic calls it "The Most Purely Enjoyable Horror Movie Made in Years".

Vaugh plays the Blissfield Butcher, who murders unsuspecting teens until an Aztec dagger delivers the necessary magic needed for the swap.

Tomris Laffly writes:

"Freaky" is a fun, frisky, and nostalgic ride that delivers laughs, various inventively bloody kills, and on occasion, even some 21st-century-appropriate observations on gender norms and sexuality. Just don’t expect to be surprised a great deal by it.