Saturday, April 30, 2016

Tranisa is back with a new feminization movie fantasy

Some of you will be familiar with the Tranisa film company, which has delivered a large number of crossdressing and feminization movies over the year.

Now they are back with a new movie called "Waking Up as a Girl". The title is a dead giveaway. Tranisa says this about the movie:
"Is being turned into a real girl as much fun as you fantasize about? The last thing you remember is a bright light and then darkness. You were on your way home tired from working too hard, but now you’re in bed safe and sound. On waking you realize that things are somehow different. You’re a women…are you dreaming?…You’ve secretly wanted this to happen, but now it has you’re not sure how to feel. Have you suddenly turned into a girl?

Your mother and sister are on hand to help, but they can only confirm that you’re a girl and always have been. What has happened? Have you moved into an alternate reality where you have always been female? You can’t convince them that yesterday you were Stephen a man.

Life has to go on and you’re late for work. Your mother and Sister help you get dressed into the finest of girls’ clothes. A bra and matching panties, stockings and a sexy dress to tease the boys. Finished with your bag full of makeup you’re ready for work."
I really like the movie. Mind you, this is a short fantasy with no explicit sex, but it sets the scene for dreams about a future life as a woman i a funny and sexy way.

Starring Samantha Alexandra, Sapphire Blue and Red.

The transformation movie can be bought over at!