Saturday, August 12, 2023

New body swap movies and TV series of interest

It seems the interest in gender body swap movies and TV series come and go, but recently we have had quite a few you might want to take a look at.

This post is partly based on information shared over at Crossdream Life.

Body Swap (2011)

Timothy Morton has made an independent movie starring Ella Jordan and Jimmy Kustes, called Body Swap.

As is often the case with such movies the plot is there to explore gender differences and how men and women can learn to better understand each other. 

It is not made by a crossdreamer.

I see that it is found on Amazon, Tubi and Plex in some areas.


Swap Me Baby  (2022)

This is one seriously trippy movie, and not only because one of the main characters is using magic mushrooms.

Lily, business woman and control freak, ends up in bed with Philippe, a French mushroom tripping gigolo. So they get pregnant. Their therapist recommends a trip to a cabin in the woods, introducing them to a magic box that... you know, does magic. Hence the body swap.

I do not know what to make of the film. First and foremost it is some kind of crazy romantic comedy. But it has some serious undertones as well. 

I also made note of the fact that whoever made this film is a sucker for body swap movies in general. There is even a reference to the original Freaky Friday movie.

This is not a crossdreamer movie, either, but it is a lot of fun.