Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The future of crossdressing in Osaka

Japanese culture is -- in spite of its sexual repressing and strange hang-ups -- a country full of gender bending. Now they are founding "Girl's Clubs", where anyone can dress up as girls.

Rocketnews reports that Tokyo’s Onna no ko kurabu opens a new crossdresser bar in Osaka on December 1.

The bar will "have a wardrobe of women’s clothing and wigs available for guests who want to try out ‘josou’ (dressing in girls’ clothing). Just like their Tokyo branch, the Osaka store is open to anyone who wants to drink with cute crossdressing bar staff."

Girl's Club Osaka's site.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Amazing Transformation Comics

Amazing Transformation Comics is a new online story devoted to comics in the realm of TG transformations, sissyfication, feminization and shemales.

Most of the comics are digital art, but there are also some hand drawn stories.

The image included here is from Herms in Peril 2, a 62 page full standalone color comic.

When a swimsuit model is kidnapped by aliens she discovers they have more ideas in mind for her than simple probing, they want to transform her into something else altogether, a sexy shemale.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

TG Caps' Gender Mix Twists

TG Comics is, by far, the most important TG comics site around. What is less known is that this site has a smaller sibling called TG Caps.

TG Caps is, as the name implies, a site for TG captions, but what makes it different is that the focus here is on drawings, including fan art based on pop culture. There are, for instance, a lot of highly entertaining modified comics and comic book covers.

Here is one panel from IanS' comic about a young man that ends up body swapping with Batgirl.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

New site for erotic TG photo comics

When Rebecca's World closed down earlier this year, the main source of erotic TG photo comics disappeared.

Now a group of creative TG enthusiasts have decided to resurrect the genre, producing new tantalising stories about magical transformation and chemically induced gender changes. They call themselves the TG Factory.

The plan is to publish one or two comics per month. There are already two publications ready for reading. A longer story called The Reversal, about a shy guy who has his body stolen by an alien.

Then there is the first issue of Fluxx/Mag, containing no less than three shorter photo comics.

Spread the word!

Click here to visit Fem/Fluxx, the new site for erotic TG photo comics!