Wednesday, October 22, 2014

'I felt like a guy in a Playboy bunny outfit': Jenny McCarthy feeling 'transgender'

Jenny McCarthy has revealed that she feels like a transgender person 'inside'.
In an interview with PrideSource, the Dirty, Sexy, Funny comedienne spoke about playing a transgender role in the TV series Just Shoot Me!

Explaining why the role of Brandi (formerly Burt) is her favourite ever, the 41-year-old said: 'Yeah, because I feel like that inside.' 

'I always felt like one of the guys wearing, like, a Playboy bunny outfit.'
Adding: 'To play kind of the dude was almost too scary natural'.

Jenny - who recently married New Kids on the Block singer Donnie Wahlberg, 45 - also revealed she would 'love' her son Evan to be gay.

'Oh my god, I would be so excited. We can shop! Do my hair!' she laughed.

You can read more of the story at the Daily Mail web site

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tranisa has added three new TG movies to its transformation and crossdressing treasure chest

And as chests go, some of the ones presented in these movies are... eh ... generous!

The three movies present popular TG fantasy stories, although each and one of them with that typical British Tranisatwist. There is a lot of humor, as always.

The three movies are:
  • Bright Panties (where Roy makes a bit with Samantha and Sapphire regarding men's and women's IQ. Feminization is the reward)
  • Holiday in Panties (His luggage goes missing. Enough said.)
  • Fuck, it's small (So small, in fact, that the medical establishment decides he'd better live as a woman)
In the following video Tranisa star Samantha Alexandra talks about her roles in the movies. This "making of feature" also contains clips from the movies.

The movies themselves can be bought and downloaded over at Tranisa. And no, these movies are not hard core!

JW Player goes here

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Women prefer gay porn to straight female friendly erotica

In collaboration with BuzzFeed, porn search engine Pornhub has published a study examining data on users' viewing habits, with a specific focus on what women are looking for.

The chart below shows the top 16 most-viewed categories of porn on Pornhub.

Note that women seem to prefer lesbian and gay male porn above all other types of movies, which tells me that women are more queer and gender bending than most people tend to believe.

There is a a thriving industry for TG erotica for women, labelled as yaoi comics, M/M romances and slash fan fiction, and I suspect this enthusiasm may be partly explained by women's general love for same sex erotica. It could be that for many women TG fiction -- in the wide sense of the term -- is something common and normal.

There is admittedly less focus on transformations in these genres compared to male to female TG fiction, but that might be because becoming a man for a woman is less stigmatizing than a man becoming a woman. So the women just jump the good stuff: Having steamy sex as a man. Men need to be forced into gender bending, which makes the change itself erotically charged.

I am sure experts will tell you that none of this makes these women gender benders. They are just more into "tenderness" than the male audience, hence the preference for lesbian and gay porn. They clearly haven't seen any gay porn.

The interesting question should be: Given that women love both lesbian and gay porn, why aren't there more straight men watching gay porn? Are they conditioned not to?

 Huffington Post has more about the study.