Thursday, September 2, 2021

Interview with Miss Mako, the MTF movie hero

Erika Dapkewicz has probably been the most prolific MTF transformation movie maker ever. Many have enjoyed her many stories published over at YouTube

She has also made full length movies with MTF transformation components, like the Paradox Alice science fiction movie. 

Monika Kowalska has interviewed Erika over at her transgender heroines blog, where Erika also talks about how transgender fiction helped her come to terms with her own identity.

Monika: Your YouTube vlog attracted almost 150 thousand subscribers. What inspired you to create the Miss Mako persona?

Erika: Oh, that’s a story from a long long time ago. When I was little and suffering from gender dysphoria… I was transfixed by fantasy stories of men transforming into women.I used to write stories and draw comics of this when I was a little kid and kept doing it when I became a teenager. It was when the internet came around in the mid-1990s that I found a website called The Transformation Graphics & Story Archive. It was the first time I found similar people like myself doing some of the same stories and art. To not use my real name at the time I picked the handle of MAKO (after my love of sharks).

Everyone had a handle then. I started to gain a bit of an underground following. I was pushing myself to do these stories in different mediums. So I started to do my own animated shorts. Comics. Live-action shorts culminating in a live-action feature called, “Paradox Alice”. I was asked to start my own YouTube Channel and I did so in 2006. I also started to do my own Vlogs and you can see me pre and post-transition on those.

Over the years… more and more people followed me. And many suffering from gender dysphoria from around the world and sharing their stories with me. I changed my handle to MISS MAKO after I transitioned. I don’t nearly post much on the channel anymore. As again… I’m trying to have a better balance of being able to enjoy life as much as I can now.

Miss Mako is using her experience from making MTF transformation movies to editing Disney movies!

Miss Mako on Deviant Art

Saturday, July 3, 2021

I'm a Killer Maid

Slash Film reports that the comic book "I'm a Killer Maid" is to be made into a TV series.

"I'm a Killer Maid" is a Chinese comic about a man who swaps bodies with his female housekeeper, only to find out that she is really an assassin. 

Watching the trailer I do not think we have to take this series to seriously.

The comic is available over at Kiss Manga.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

How to use Faceapp and Remini to make a photo of your female self


Over at Crossdream Life Megan describes how you can use Faceapp and Remini to create an animated  photo of the way you would look as "the other gender".

The implementation of Artificial Intelligence has made the new crop of smart phone apps so much better at manipulating photos and animations. 

All you need is a clear photo of yourself (preferably your younger self), a smartphone and the apps.

Click here to read the manual on how to deepfake your inner woman (or man, as may be).

Faceapp selfie editor.
Remini photo enhancer (Android)
Remini photo enhancer (Apple)

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Finally, a nonbinary femme Flash

 In the forthcoming DC Pride anthology queer writers will write queer stories about queer superheroes.

Den of Geek explains  that Lore, a non-binary artist with ADHD, has made a comic featuring the non-binary Flash of Earth 11.

Rosie Knight writes:

It was also the chance for Lore to tell a story about a non-binary hero who wasn’t defined by their appearance. That was something Lore could relate to as a non-binary person who loves makeup and colors but was worried about not being percieved as non-binary due to the connotation of those things being “femme.”

Friday, November 13, 2020

New MTF body swap horror movie with Vince Vaughn: "Freaky"

Freaky is a new gender bending body swap movie where Vince Vaughn, playing a psychotic mass murderer, swaps bodies with a high school girl played by Kathryn Newton.

The reviews are mixed, but many seem to find this horror slasher comedy worth watching. I have not seen it yet.

The name Freaky is clearly a reference to the more innocent body swap movie called Freaky Friday. The Atlantic calls it "The Most Purely Enjoyable Horror Movie Made in Years".

Vaugh plays the Blissfield Butcher, who murders unsuspecting teens until an Aztec dagger delivers the necessary magic needed for the swap.

Tomris Laffly writes:

"Freaky" is a fun, frisky, and nostalgic ride that delivers laughs, various inventively bloody kills, and on occasion, even some 21st-century-appropriate observations on gender norms and sexuality. Just don’t expect to be surprised a great deal by it.

Friday, October 16, 2020

Lovecraft Country may be of interest to you

 This post includes minor spoilers.

The Corona crisis has made me see far too much TV, I'm afraid. But some of it is very good. After binging Watchmen I went over to Lovecraft Country, the HBO horror series inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, the author, and based on the book by Matt Ruff.

There is a story arch, but each episode focuses on one particular story, all with a strong horror, fantasy and/or science fiction vibes. It is very well done.

And now for the spoilers: The series contains one of the most creative gender transformation scenes I have ever seen. There is also a two spirit character. That is all I am going to tell you.

Monday, October 12, 2020

As safe place to talk about all kinds of gender variance

This post is not exactly off topic, but it is about erotic MTF transformations in media either. It may still be of use to you.

I have been hanging out over at Crossdream Life for a while. That forum is not about sharing feminization fantasies, but it is a place where you can talk about gender, gender variance and gender identity. You can also talk about what it is that causes you to have such fantasies.

You may think of yourself as cis, trans, nonbinary, a crossdresser, a crossdreamer, a drag quee, queer or whatever. You will be welcome. The only thing they do not like is people telling trans women they are nothing but fetishists. But we knew that already, didn't we?

You may also use the forum to find support if you are struggling with your gender identity. The other members cannot tell you who or what you are, but they may help you find out.

If you are interested in transgender and queer issues in general, you will also find a lot of interesting information over there.

Visit Crossdream Life here!