Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Tumblr bans porn blogs, and destroys a whole tg subculture

Tumblr has decided to close down all porn blogs from December 17, and is even banning images with "female-presenting nipples". That term is as stupid as tumblr's move.

Blogger presented a similar plan some years ago, but Google changed their minds, apparently concluding that erotic adult subcultures could be a good thing, and the erotic Blogger blogs survived.

This means that the tg caption and fiction blogs hosted by Blogger survive, while the tg and "sissy" blogs found over at tumblr will die.

There is a kind of generational divide between the transgender fantasy blogs found over at Blogger and the caption blogs found over at tumblr. The blogger blogs often contain longer texts or stories about male to female transformation. The tumblr blogs are more slogan-like: erotic memes meant for quick consumption.

There exists, to my knowledge, no realistic alternative to tumblr for these blogs at this point. Blogger lacks the social sharing function found on tumblr.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Sexual Chemistry, end of the century sex change fantasy

In 1999  Mike Sedan directed and presented a sex comedy called "Sexual Chemistry." It was one of many softcore straight to DVD films made by him, but this was, I believe, the only one that had a sex change as its main theme.

The movie is set in a company that is trying to produced a libido-enhancing drug, and the scientists are competing to find a solution.

The main character, Robert, has stored a few potions from a previous relationship with a witch, and decided to adopt that potion to this new purpose. It turns out the new drug works as announced, but it has also has a serious side effect: It transforms Robert into a woman.

Sure, this is a B movie, it uses the old mad scientist scenario, and the script and the acting are so and so, but compared to many other movies of this kind, I think it is fun to watch.

I especially liked the way Robert shamelessly enjoy's his newfound female sexuality.

The DVD may be bought through some of Amazon's resellers.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Wicked on a Gender Bender

It isn't often the porn industry goes on a gender bender, and when  it does the results are rarely impressive. Wicked recently presented a male to female transformation story called Cursed, and it is a mixed blessing.

For some reason nearly all movies of this kind starts out with a misogynistic man offending women with his clueless and sexist behavior.

In this movie, as in many others, a witch decides to teach him a lesson. The witch in this movie is of a younger and more sexy model, that is true, but the basic storyline is the same.

Since this is a porn movie, the acting is pretty bad. There is one exception, though: Whitney Wright does a  good  job playing the role of post-transformation, post-traumatic, Ryan.

There are no bathroom scenes of the "oh God, where did my cock go" type. It actually takes some time before he realizes what has happened, and that is when his ex-girlfriend Alexa turns up at his door. This obviously ends up with him cheating on his male self as Alexa's lesbian lover.

Porn movies including gender changes most often stay away from the male to female transformer having sex with a man.

I guess this might cause some serious identity conflicts in the regular straight male audience watching the film.  This was what happened in Wicked's previous gender bender movie, Switch, where a man swapped bodies with his wife (played political porn celebrity Stormy Daniels.

Cursed, however, ends with a bizarre scene where the female Ryan meets the male Ryan and have sex together in the hope of merging their two bodies into one male one. This never makes any sense, and even less so when we find out that the witch intended to switch him back, anyway.

In other words: The gender change is mainly a silly plot device that does not really do it for people who are looking for transgender erotica.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Destiny – a TG trip back to the 1960s

TG fiction and comics are full of clichés, and that is fine with me. But sometimes there comes a long a completely original concept that blows your mind. The latest comic by Femur and Smooch is like that.

I have never seen anything like it. The storytelling is great, the illustrations spot on, and the historical settings impeccable.

There are limits to what I can tell you without giving the game away, but the story takes place in the late 1960s in USA. Chad is searching for his missing brother Jeremy, and a meeting with a girl in San Fransisco leads him to a hippie commune in a remote part of Marine County. This collective seems to be run by a man called Max, but for some reason all the other members are women – sexy women, beautiful women, attractive women.

Friday, May 4, 2018

The Sex Trip, a missed opportunity

Eddie wakes up and finds out he has become Jade Ramsey.
Anthony Cohen's movie The Sex Trip makes use of nearly all the gender bender clichés we know from Fictionmania:

Vain and misogynistic male chauvinist bastard? Check! This one is even writing books about how to trick women into sleeping with you.

Meeting wizard/witch/genie who wants to teach him the true value of love? Check! It is a homeless woman this time, and as he refuses to kiss her, he soon finds himself waking  up in a sexy woman's body.

Hilarious bathroom scene with missing penis panic and breast grabbing? Check! Although it is not that funny, and there isn't much breast grabbing. You should think... well, nevermind.

Learning to know the value of real love after having spent time as a woman? Check! So what seems like a traditional sexist movie at the start, turns out to have a pro-woman, nearly feminist, message in the end.

It is not a bad movie, per se. It presents itself as a romantic comedy, and it truly is an unpretentious romantic comedy.

Monday, January 29, 2018

MTF Bodyswap Comic Crosswind to Become TV series

There is a nice presentation of the comic Crosswind over at Crossdream Life.

I have not read it myself -- yet! -- but it is a bodyswap story where a hit man and a suburban housewife find themselves trapped in each others' bodies.

Major Spoilers report that the comic will be turned into a TV series as well. Variety writes that the executive producer will be Vanessa Piazza of Lost Girl and Dark Matter. Co-creator/artist Cat Staggs will apparently be a consulting producer for the show.

The comic is available from Image comics.