Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Sam becomes Sam in this MTF transformation movie

Nicholas Brooks has made a comedy about Sam, a misgynistic a**hole, who is transformed into a Sam, a petite brunette of great beauty.

It looks very much like a crossdreamer fantasy to me. There is even the much used TG fiction motive: The old man in the "curiosity" shop bringing on all the magic.

Brooks is the son of Mel Brooks, who is also listed as executive producer of Sam.

Sam is starring Natalie Knepp, Sean Kleier, Stacy Keach, Morgan Fairchild, Bryan Batt, James McCaffrey and Tom Pelphrey.

Det movie is apparently to be made available on DVD and via streaming services in October this year.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

What if you were trapped in your favorite video game, as a girl?

What if you were trapped in your favorite video game, as a girl?

That is what happens to one of the main characters in the Web TV series AFK, Steven, a 28 year old male "noob", who has to play the role of a female warrior.

JJ Fong AKA Steven
Yahoo! New Zealand puts it this way in an interview with the actor playing Steven: JJ Fong:

"Steven has adopted a scantily clad female warrior as his character, primarily for the purpose of ogling her while playing. It’s a decision that backfires when he wakes up dressed in a tiny costume that sees him attract a lot of unwanted attention from his fellow transplanted gamers."