Monday, April 13, 2015

TG Comics Renewed

TG Comics has become the most important destination for gender-mix comics, with a wealth of both hand drawn and computer designed stories and illustrations.
From the comic Caindru by Siproite

Now Femur & Co have redesigned the site.

Femur says;
"The main changes here are we now have an Authors tab, so TGC Authors can be easily found and get some love! We also have a new category of galleries called Story Panels. These are what Tebra does, telling a story with a combination of art, text, and balloons. It’s not necessarily a sequential story, it might not be the whole story, but there is a story there.

"Vignettes has a new definition on the new TGC. We’ll use that for shorter comics (generally under 20 pages) and comics that are more quick studies rather than complete stories. I hope that makes sense."

From the comic Busted by Femur and Gluebubble
The galleries now work on pads and phones as well as computers. You can click on and image to move to the next one, use keyboard navigation, tap or swipe (depending on the specific gallery set-up).

And yes, all the premium, subscription based , content is still there. There is much that is free too, however.

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