Saturday, November 10, 2018

Sexual Chemistry, end of the century sex change fantasy

In 1999  Mike Sedan directed and presented a sex comedy called "Sexual Chemistry." It was one of many softcore straight to DVD films made by him, but this was, I believe, the only one that had a sex change as its main theme.

The movie is set in a company that is trying to produced a libido-enhancing drug, and the scientists are competing to find a solution.

The main character, Robert, has stored a few potions from a previous relationship with a witch, and decided to adopt that potion to this new purpose. It turns out the new drug works as announced, but it has also has a serious side effect: It transforms Robert into a woman.

Sure, this is a B movie, it uses the old mad scientist scenario, and the script and the acting are so and so, but compared to many other movies of this kind, I think it is fun to watch.

I especially liked the way Robert shamelessly enjoy's his newfound female sexuality.

The DVD may be bought through some of Amazon's resellers.