Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Tumblr bans porn blogs, and destroys a whole tg subculture

Tumblr has decided to close down all porn blogs from December 17, and is even banning images with "female-presenting nipples". That term is as stupid as tumblr's move.

Blogger presented a similar plan some years ago, but Google changed their minds, apparently concluding that erotic adult subcultures could be a good thing, and the erotic Blogger blogs survived.

This means that the tg caption and fiction blogs hosted by Blogger survive, while the tg and "sissy" blogs found over at tumblr will die.

There is a kind of generational divide between the transgender fantasy blogs found over at Blogger and the caption blogs found over at tumblr. The blogger blogs often contain longer texts or stories about male to female transformation. The tumblr blogs are more slogan-like: erotic memes meant for quick consumption.

There exists, to my knowledge, no realistic alternative to tumblr for these blogs at this point. Blogger lacks the social sharing function found on tumblr.