Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Is BDSMLR the new tumblr for TG and "sissy" captioning?

TG caption found over at BDSMLR

BDSMLR is not a good name for a site. That being said, it looks like it is on the verge on becoming the new haven for "sissy caption" sites, now that tumblr has banned all porn.

BDSMLR has definitely seen a significant increase in traffic after the tumblr porn ban on December 17, as reflected in this Alexa graph:

BDSMLR has spent a lot of time and money on upgrading the site in order to tackle the new traffic. There are still glitches and bugs, but the site seems to be stable at the time of writing.

The old tumblr TG and "sissy" blogs  are still found over at tumblr, but if you want to access any blog that is considered explicit, you will have to go through your tumblr member panel. The blogs can no longer be accessed via the blog's regular web site. 

Relevant search terms no longer give any useful results and tumblr is blocking any posts its robot think is in violation of the new terms. In other words: It is only a matter of time before it becomes completely useless for the publication of explicit erotic photos and captions.

BDSMLR bans revenge porn, zoophilia, necrophilia, pedophilia, graphic violence and/or "any other type of obscene and/or illegal material." What the latter means is unclear. Since they actively promote their site as an open alternative to tumblr and accepts a wide variety of porn, I suppose TG and feminization material should be safe. 

Below  find some examples of feminization blogs found over at BDSMLR. 

From what I can see the site is dominated by femdom, "shemale" and "sissy" TG sites, as opposed to classical TG caption sites. (I am using quotation marks around "shemale" and "sissy", as I find both terms quite problematic.). 

I suspect the traditional TG caption sites, with less humiliation and more text, are more likely to chose Blogger as their publishing platform. Let us know what you think!

If you have moved your site from tumblr to BDSMLR or somewhere else, let us know by adding the new name and URL in a comment below.