Sunday, August 24, 2014

Soft Skin Video Presents "The Office"

There is a new site devoted to TG transformation movies called Soft Skin Video. It has republished a few videos found elsewhere on the web.

Recently, however, it also posted a brand new video mashup called the Office. here is a cap that might serve as an introduction to the story! You can see the movie here!

Warning: This site is not office friendly!

Click on cap to enlarge!


  1. Great new site!... And I don't just say that because a couple of my videos are included there. :)

    Hopefully the creator checks the site here to see how much I enjoyed it (including the new vid cap they created). Unfortunately I don't have a Tumblr account so I couldn't post a comment on their site directly.

    1. Hi Lilac. I love your edits. Great fun and so skilfully created. The Master of Disguise edit you made really had me fooled as a real movie that was coming out soon. I was rather disappointed to learn it was a spoof LOL x

    2. I really appreciate that. I hope you weren't too disappointed when you found out. :)