Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tranisa has added three new TG movies to its transformation and crossdressing treasure chest

And as chests go, some of the ones presented in these movies are... eh ... generous!

The three movies present popular TG fantasy stories, although each and one of them with that typical British Tranisatwist. There is a lot of humor, as always.

The three movies are:
  • Bright Panties (where Roy makes a bit with Samantha and Sapphire regarding men's and women's IQ. Feminization is the reward)
  • Holiday in Panties (His luggage goes missing. Enough said.)
  • Fuck, it's small (So small, in fact, that the medical establishment decides he'd better live as a woman)
In the following video Tranisa star Samantha Alexandra talks about her roles in the movies. This "making of feature" also contains clips from the movies.

The movies themselves can be bought and downloaded over at Tranisa. And no, these movies are not hard core!

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