Thursday, January 22, 2015

Moon on how taking estrogen has helped her cope with feminization fantasies

Moon has an interesting post over at Crossdreamers on how taking estrogen -- i.e. a lighter form of feminization -- has helped her cope with her anxiety and the more obsessive side of having dreams about becoming a woman.

She starts out by explaining how she has been "mistaken" for a woman in public:
For a reason you can't explain you have this desire to feminise yourself. You have had thoughts which have driven you crazy, you somehow know that this is what you want deep inside. You want to be a woman. Yet you do fear the unknown of the rather frightening path that you are taking. But hey, you have just been out to a cafe with a female friend and the waiter has just addressed you as a female.
The article debates the border line between using estrogen to cope and using estrogen in order to transition.

Read it all here: Crossdreamers really do like estrogen

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