Tuesday, March 31, 2015

TG News Award Nominee: The Body Hopper's Nebula.

In February we asked you to nominate TG blogs for the TG News Award. We will now present the nominees in a series of blog posts.

The Body Hopper's Nebula is different, and different in many ways.

First of all most of the captions are based on the body hopper theme, where some kind of entity, alien or human, takes over the body of a woman. And the caps are written from the point of view of a male observer who remains male. Interesting.

The caption maker has also found her own style, simplistic but elegant. She has also introduced a TG caption innovation, where she includes info on sources in the cap itself.

The captions are soft core, although maybe not office friendly.

If you can think of more blogs that should be included, add a comment here!

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