Thursday, March 26, 2015

TG News Award Nominee: The Femme Side

In February we asked you to nominate TG blogs for the TG News Award. We will now present the nominees in a series of blog posts.

The Femme Side is not only a caption blog. thefemmeside also answers questions about going femme/sissy and crossdressing.

The captions are clean and traditional: Most often with an image to the left and the text in black on gray to the right. The focus is on the photos and the text.

thefemmeside writes on a wide variety of topics, but the main focus is on "natural" feminization and sissyfication, including pictures of pre-op t-girls. There are not many magical changes here.

Unlike most TG bloggers, who publish over at blogger, thefemmeside has made tumblr her home.

If you can think of more blogs that should be included, add a comment here!

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