Saturday, March 21, 2015

TG News Award Nominee: NIkki's Sweet Dreams

In February we asked you to nominate TG blogs for the TG News Award. We will now present the nominees in a series of blog posts.

The first nominee is Nikki's Sweet Dreams, one of the classic TG caption blogs, started all the way back in 2008.

Nikki stopped blogging back in 2014, but has now resurrected the blog and is posting on a regular basis.

Nikki goes for a simplistic, classic, caption style: one image or a series of files with single images. Then she adds well written texts in a plain and readable  sans serif typeface.

In other words: Nothing gets in the way of the story and the image.

Lately she has started using animated gifs as well. It works well!

Nikki mixes soft core with sexually explicit imagery, and often adds a dash of humor, as this cap may prove:

If you can think of more blogs that should be included, add a comment here!

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