Sunday, February 21, 2016

Places to meet other fans of male to female feminization and transformation

World of TG gives you an overview over TG story, caption and movie sites. In this post I will look at sites where you can talk to others about male to female transformation and crossdressing fantasies, and what they may mean for you and others.

Rachel's Haven is a watering hole for those who make and read TG captions. There are trading galleries for those who make captions of this kind. But there are also subforums for crossdressing, fashion and transitioning, to mention a few. This is a safe place to explore who you are.

TG Comics has an active forum covering the topic of transgender comics. You may also want to look at Farhad's TG manga forum for this kind of information. The Fictionmania Message Board is the place to search for TG fiction.

/r/gendererotica over at reddit is a forum for fans of erotic TG transformation stories, movies, captions and comics, feminization and sissyfication stories included.

If you are rather looking for places where you can discuss gender variance, sexuality and identity, you might want to take a look at the following:

Crossdream Life is a forum for those who would like to talk about their fantasies, dreams and problems. This is a safe place where you will be understood and given support. Some of the members think of themselves as transgender. Others do not.

There is also a forum for crossdreamers (people who get aroused by the idea of being the "other" sex) over at reddit.

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