Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Sam becomes Sam in this MTF transformation movie

Nicholas Brooks has made a comedy about Sam, a misgynistic a**hole, who is transformed into a Sam, a petite brunette of great beauty.

It looks very much like a crossdreamer fantasy to me. There is even the much used TG fiction motive: The old man in the "curiosity" shop bringing on all the magic.

Brooks is the son of Mel Brooks, who is also listed as executive producer of Sam.

Sam is starring Natalie Knepp, Sean Kleier, Stacy Keach, Morgan Fairchild, Bryan Batt, James McCaffrey and Tom Pelphrey.

Det movie is apparently to be made available on DVD and via streaming services in October this year.


  1. Such a funny movie, can't wait to watch the full movie with my friends and family. I'll be writing my essay review about the movie as well. Karma will really strike if you continue to hurt other people.

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  3. It certainly looks like "Switch" (at the origin of all for me), but with a brunette <3.
    Alas, it would never be visible in France (and in french) - and I'm pretty sure you've never see our french "Chouchou"

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  5. This is pretty good movie. Even not for a transgender auditory. But still, you don't need to forget, it's just a movie and there's a lot of situations that are working only there, now in real life. If you are interested in more real life transgender movies, better visit Marvelousessays.com and find them there.