Friday, March 17, 2017

Kämpfer - Japanese anime with a gender twist

Japanese culture may seem strict and uptight, and in many ways it is. Still, when it comes to entertainment they have a very relaxed attitude to gender bending. There is even a body swap porn genre.

In anime (Japanese style animated movies) quite a few plots are based on boy being changed into girl, and that applies also to non-erotic material. Well, maybe non-erotic is not exactly the word we are looking for. There are plenty of very curvy bodies in sexy school girl uniforms, even if there is no explicit sex.

Kämpfer is one such series. It started out as a manga (comic book) series which then was used as the basis for the animated TV series.

High school boy Natsuru Senō goes at a gender segregated school  He is in love with Kaede Sakura, a fellow student who has a peculiar collection of Entrails Animals (stuffed animals designed as they are dying). Natsuru has one of these animals and one day this "tiger" tells him that  he has been chosen to be a Kämpfer, a warrior who is to fight rival Kämpfers.

The catch: All Kämpfers are girls.

So far I have not found out why the makers have decided to use the German word for warrior to describe these beautiful girls.

Amazon has the complete box set of the series.

Misty Chronexia has made this short video on quality gender transformation anime:

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