Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A Great TG Comic Creator: Kennal

One of my favorite TG comic makers is Kennal, who can be found over at TG Comics.

These are hand drawn comics, brightly colored, and with great story telling.

Anyway, she has a new chapter of her Raan series out now.

This is a crossdresser love story set in a cosplay culture.

She has also comics with magical body transformations.

Read Raan's Doll here!


  1. Thanks very much! I will follow this up!

  2. I like a lot Kennal, although she sometimes goes far in porn ^^ But curiously, it isn't so gross, because of her cute drawning style.
    And it's her birthday soon :)

  3. KANNEL NOT KENNAL a Kennal is where a dog lives