Friday, May 4, 2018

The Sex Trip, a missed opportunity

Eddie wakes up and finds out he has become Jade Ramsey.
Anthony Cohen's movie The Sex Trip makes use of nearly all the gender bender clichés we know from Fictionmania:

Vain and misogynistic male chauvinist bastard? Check! This one is even writing books about how to trick women into sleeping with you.

Meeting wizard/witch/genie who wants to teach him the true value of love? Check! It is a homeless woman this time, and as he refuses to kiss her, he soon finds himself waking  up in a sexy woman's body.

Hilarious bathroom scene with missing penis panic and breast grabbing? Check! Although it is not that funny, and there isn't much breast grabbing. You should think... well, nevermind.

Learning to know the value of real love after having spent time as a woman? Check! So what seems like a traditional sexist movie at the start, turns out to have a pro-woman, nearly feminist, message in the end.

It is not a bad movie, per se. It presents itself as a romantic comedy, and it truly is an unpretentious romantic comedy.

There are some good gags. .Jade Ramsey does a great job playing the post-transformation Eddie (or Edna), with style and comedy. Louis Mandylor plays his/her best buddy with sympathy and humor. And I love the fact that the girl geek, played by Charlotte Ellen Pice, becomes the main love interest.

Still, this has been done before (see also our post on the movie Sam) and in better ways. I watched Blake Edward's Switch from 1991 again the other day. It has much of the same plot, but brings the story to a completely different level.

The Sex Trip also represents a lost opportunity in another way. It is very hard to find. One contact sent me a link to a Russian language version, as it seems that it premiered in Russia (or Ukraine). With no subtitles, that was a hard sell for me.

The movie is much better than this disturbing poster. 
The movie web site never went up. There is a facebook page which promotes all kinds of pirated movies. Bridgegate Movies has a page up, but you need to know how to search for it to find it. It is as if they are not even trying to sell it online, taking the "straight to video" concept to a completely new level.

Where I live, it is not available at any of the main streaming services (Netflix etc.), but I did find it at one of the minor ones.

And here is Switch:

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  1. Where did you find this in english? I can't even find this anywhere with an english dub let alone english subtitles. What minor streaming site did you see this on?