Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Gender Bending in Ishuzoku Reviewers

Over at the excellent Crossdream Life Forum for  crossdreamers, transgender and nonbinary people Lost drew my attention to a new episode of Ishuzoku Reviewers, which tells the story about several magical male to female transformations.

Below find a censored version of that episode.

It is not easy to see what is going  on here, beyond the obvious.

Over at My Anime List Mehmet explains:

"First of all let me settle down a thing for people who still didn't watch Ishuzoku Reviewers even after youtube videos and reddit memes about it. Although it looks like a harem anime because of its cover, this anime isn't a harem show; it's a brothel show. Our main characters are going to brothels, evaluate women of different species there and write reviews about them. So in this anime, you can find all kinds of fetishes from wings to tentacles. Ishuzoku Reviewers is the ultimate anime for everyone who likes women. By the way, that was the whole plot of Ishuzoku Reviewers, there's nothing except main characters' "brothel reviews". In every episode our characters are going to a different brothel and try that brothel's services, and writes a review about whether they like the service or not."

So these scenes take place in some kind of brothel were a magical drink may change you into the opposite sex.

Lynn has a review of the Reviewers here, but she is more annoyed at the censorship than the story as such. But I can relate to the following: "I am thoroughly intrigued by this idea and given the chance to magically become a woman for twenty-four hours, I would jump at it."

Anime Lately takes a look at this episode here:

The series is referred to as Ishuzoku Rebyuāzu, 異種族レビュアーズ and Interspecies Reviewers.

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