Monday, October 12, 2020

As safe place to talk about all kinds of gender variance

This post is not exactly off topic, but it is about erotic MTF transformations in media either. It may still be of use to you.

I have been hanging out over at Crossdream Life for a while. That forum is not about sharing feminization fantasies, but it is a place where you can talk about gender, gender variance and gender identity. You can also talk about what it is that causes you to have such fantasies.

You may think of yourself as cis, trans, nonbinary, a crossdresser, a crossdreamer, a drag quee, queer or whatever. You will be welcome. The only thing they do not like is people telling trans women they are nothing but fetishists. But we knew that already, didn't we?

You may also use the forum to find support if you are struggling with your gender identity. The other members cannot tell you who or what you are, but they may help you find out.

If you are interested in transgender and queer issues in general, you will also find a lot of interesting information over there.

Visit Crossdream Life here!

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